Clay Station Horse Park (CSHP)


  Owned by Stan and Debbi Packard

located in Wilton, California and is designed with the horse and driver in mind. 

  Carriage driving is one of the fastest growing activities that you can do with your horse. Most of the people who come to the park have had horses, but never have ridden on a carriage.

  Whether for pleasure or competition, Stan and Debbi try to make your experience as much fun as possible but in a safe and controlled manner.

  We train horses for the show ring, the competition field and for that Sunday drive in the park. 

  All breeds of horses and ponies are capable of driving. Having worked with all breeds from mini-horses to large drafts, we have learned that it is not the breed but the mindset of the animal that produces a good driving equine.


Thanks for stopping in,

Stan & Debbi

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 Our facility located in Wilton

 California offers:

  • Indoor Driving Arena

  • Full 40 x100 meter Grass Dressage Court

  •  2 Practice Areas 

  •  Eight Permanent Driving Hazards

    • One with Water

  • Six Driving Bridges - 2 are covered!

  • Low-Key HDT/CDE Events

  • (ADS) Approved Event

  • Farrier on Premises

  • An abundance of driving trails round out the horse park for you to enjoy.


  As a Training Facility we offer

  Driving Training for both You and

  Your Equine

  • Evaluate the Suitability of your Equine for driving
  • Start Your Driving Horse
  • Full Training Service
  • Limited Training Service
  • Individual Driver ("Whip") Lessons
  • Clinics (see Driving Events page)
  • Carriage, Cart, and Harness Sales
  • Farrier on Premises
  • Contact us for further information!

Our Driving Events

Driving Services Offered


2021 West Coast

Triple Crown Host

* Please check back often for Updates during these trying times.


Please Note Date Changes


HDTs, April 24 & 25
Dressage Extraordinaire Revisited, May 29 & 30
Summer Festival CDE, June 19-20,

 * (possibly 3-day format - June 18th)
Double Driver HDTs, Aug 21 & 22
Fall Festival CDE, October 2 & 3

* (possibly 3-day format - Oct 1st)
Halloween HDTs, October 30 & 31