Donna's career with animals had an unusual beginning. She started working as a zookeeper after finishing her biology degree. Working with exotic animals provided her hands-on experience with animal behavior, across numerous species. While there is generally a base-line list of behaviors for every species, each individual has their own unique behaviors, likes/dislikes, etc. This is how she approaches training. While all horses and ponies are, in fact, horses and ponies, they still are individuals having their own unique set of needs.

Donna approaches the driving sport horse from a ridden dressage perspective. While it can be viewed as tedious, dressage is simply a French word meaning “training.” Through dressage training, we aspire to gain access to every part of the horse at any given moment. With correct dressage training, you will have a trusting, willing partner. They will give you control over their bodies, and the movements become effortless. You can ask them to do anything, and they will slide through the obstacles seemingly effortlessly.

Driving & Riding lessons available.

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Deb and Stan bring a world of experience to the driving community. For over 30 yrs, from various driving show rings & exhibitions to parades and wagon trains they have done it all.

Deb- Trainer of both equines and people started out as a child in the show ring progressing from english equitation, barrel racing, reining, to driving.

Wearing many hats, Deb is a driving event planner, Combined Driving organizer, CSHP course designer, and Driving Essentials / Glinkowski Senior Rep in the west.

She's recently returned to the competition ring, competing at the Intermediate level, winning the coveted West Coast Triple Crown series in 2017. She was also National Pairs champion in 2015.

Stan- Our 4-in-hand driver has been driving and showing since 1991. 

- National Morgan Pleasure Driving Singles Champion in 1994
- ADS National Intermediate 4-in-hand Pony Champion,

  2013-2014, 2014-2015, and 2015- 2016


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FB: Clay Station Horse Park

Specializing in Miniature horse training, Bonnie is experienced in all phases of training for the miniature horse.

Bonnie has been showing and driving since 1960. Starting with Morgan horses and Arabians she discovered her first miniature horses in 1986. The rest is history. She has showed in the Breed ring, Open shows, and Pinto shows. In 1998 Combined Driving was stumbled upon by mistake and she was HOOKED.

If you are looking for your mini friend to just be a better citizen or to compete at the top levels, Bonnie can help.

Offering Training and conditioning for Combined Driving or the show ring.

Lessons are also available.


Phone: 916 642 0059

FB: Marble Mountain Minis

Deb & Stan Packard 

Clay Station Horse Park

Donna Nelson


Welcome Donna to the CSHP tribe!

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